Snowshoe Hiking

The tourist information centres in collaboration with the Naturschutzzentrum Ruhestein offer guided snowshow tours based on the theme of “who lives how in winter”. The walks are set up at short notice depending on the snow conditions. Info in the Naturschutzzentrum Ruhestein, tel: +49 (0)7449-92998444.

Additionally, there are marked snowshoe trails in the winter sports areas. Snowshoes can be rented at various locations. Details can be found on the website of the location of your choice.

Location Length Start – Path – Finish
Ruhestein – Bosensteiner Eck   6,6 km Ruhestein – Mannheimer Hütte – Bosensteiner Eck und zurück zum Ruhestein
Ruhestein – Mummelsee   6 km Ruhestein – Mummelsee
Ruhestein – Darmstädter Hütte   3 km Ruhestein – Euting-Grab – Darmstädter Hütte
Tour 1 - Weiherplatz 6,8 km Weiherplatz - Laubweg - Maiersloch - Weiherplatz
Tour 2 - Freiersberg 5,4 km Freiersberg - Schrofenriesweg - Ahornplatz - Bärgründleweg - Freiersberg