Mummelsee is one of seven glacial lakes in the Black Forest. These “Dark Eyes of the Black Forest” are relics of the last Ice Age. Mummelsee is the biggest (800 m circumference), deepest (17 m) and highest (elev. 1036 m) of the seven lakes. Today Mummelsee is one of the most popular destination spots in the Black Forest with many attractions and sights to see. In addition to the appealing landscape and the wonderfully picturesque location of the lake, you can rent a paddleboat, view works of art by contemporary artists on the Art Trail (Kunstpfad) or take a short hike along the circuit path to the nearby Hornisgrinde peak. The numerous Black Forest gift shops with regional specialties and souvenirs are very popular. In summer you can watch the baker making rustic bread in an old wood-fired oven. Those who are really lucky will get to meet the King of the Mummelsee. Guests at the Berghotel are spoilt for choice with the various regional dishes and drinks available in the different rooms or on the terrace.