The Lotharpfad, a storm destruction adventure trail, was opened at the end of June 2003 near Schliffkopf on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse. On Boxing Day 1999, Hurricane Lothar swept through Baden-Württemberg with winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour leaving behind 30 million cubic meters of storm-damaged wood and clearing 40,000 hectares of forest.

Along the 800 m-long learning and adventure trail on a site of ten hectares of uprooted trees from the storm, visitors to the Schliffkopf (Kreis Freudenstadt) on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse can observe how the land denuded by the storm is slowly being reforested. The Lotharpfad goes over footbridges, ladders and steps offering insight into how nature deals with such an area and what grows back on its own. There is also an observation tower with beautiful views of the northern Black Forest and the valley looking towards Oppenau and Ottenhöfen.

Access to the Lotharpfad is open to all and is free of charge. Donations are gladly accepted in the box at the end of the circuit.