On the Wildnbispfad, you can experience particular aspects of the forest and nature. Here the violent, destructive power of a hurricane and the continuous change of nature can be seen close up. The sheer enormity of the trees can also be appreciated when climbing over their mighty trunks. The largely unspoilt path is wilderness itself. Visitors clamber over tree trunks or crawl under low limbs, wade through puddles and hop from one stepping stone to another, listen to the sounds of nature in a beech cathedral or fairy-tale meadow or climb to treetop aeries. The Wildnispfad is 4.5 km long, but can be shortened. Physical fitness, sturdy shoes and durable clothing are a must. The starting and finishing point is the carpark in Plättig on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse. The trail is signposted with a woodpecker in a green circle.