Aussichtsplattform Schliffkopf

Schliffkopf peak (elev. 1055 m) is the highest point of a ridge of new red sandstone towering ca. 450 m over the valleys between Hornisgrinde and Kniebis. From the ridge when visibility is good, you can see the Rhine plain and the Vosges Mountains, the Swabian Alps and across the central and southern Black Forest all the way to the Swiss Alps.

Schliffkopf is in the middle of the nature reserve of the same name. This protected area of 1414 hectares stretches along the main ridge of the northern Black Forest from Ruhestein (the road pass) in the north to Zuflucht (road junction) in the south. The nature reserve encompasses part of the so-called Grindenschwarzwald. That is what the peak region of the northern Black Forest is called that has very little forest as a result of centuries of grazing. Grazing and hay-making were completely stopped decades ago. Today parts of the Grinden are covered with mountain pine or even spruce. For several years now, attempts have been made to keep the Grinden at least partially open by grazing sheep and Hinterwald cattle, a local robust breed of cattle.