Kulturpark Glashütte Buhlbach


This glass factory museum is particularly interesting. The cultural park Glashütte Buhlbach is a journey through time in a world of wood and glass. It is a journey of 250 years of glass and cultural history. A journey back in time, in the Black Forest region where woodcutters, lumberjacks, sawyers, coalmen, glassmakers and others lived. It is  the story of the local people, their lives and their day to day struggles to eke out a living in their surroundings.

The „Glashütte Buhlbach“, founded over 250 years ago, was the most important glass factory in the Black Forest. The buildings that still stand there today are the last of their kind in this region. There are guided tours available. „Glassmaker“ women tell the stories of bygone days, of a special fairy tale „Das kalte Herz“ („The Cold Heart“) from Wilhelm Hauff. This tale is about a glassmaker and a woodland ghost. Then there is a story about the wine gauge from Ferdinand Öchsle, its importance for Buhlbach and even more remarkable the special sparkling wine bottle „Buhlbacher Schlegel“ which was developed here. You can also see the life and times of the glassworks depicted in large illuminated glass pictures. In the park you see the actual story of glassmaking, the equipment and materials required. The various vehicles used to transport the wood to the glass factory are also displayed. There is a special model of a dam demonstrating how the wood was transported by water. 

By car: 
Coming from the direction of Baiersbronn:
Direction Mitteltal/Obertal. In Obertal take a left in the direction Buhlbach. Turn right after 850 metres in the direction of Buhlbach-Schliffkopfstraße
Coming from the direction Ruhestein:
Direction Baiersbronn/Obertal. In Obertal take a right in the direction Buhlbach, turn right after 850 metres in the direction Buhlbach-Schliffkopfstraße
Public transport ÖNVP:
Route 11 and 21 – bus stop Glashütte