Ruin and Wasserfälle Allerheiligen

The early Gothic Abbey ruins Klosterruine Allerheiligen (elev. 620 m) of new red sandstone lie in the picturesque Lierbachtal above the waterfalls. Parts of the nave and porch as well as remains of the vestry and cloister have been preserved. An information centre has been set up below the ruins in what was once the servants' lodgings.The former Norbertine monastery was built under the auspices of Uta von Schauenburg between 1191 and 1196, serving temporarily as a place of pilgrimage, before being raised to the status of an abbey in 1657 and secularised in 1802 by Margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden. Lightning struck the church in 1804, destroying it for the most part.

The waterfalls Allerheiligenwasserfälle (elev. 505 m) were first made accessible in 1840. The Lierbach falls 90 m over several cascades. A circuit path leads from the lower carpark across wooden bridges and steps through the gorge to the Klosterruine Allerheiligen and then across the Engelskanzel-Roßgrund back to the starting point.